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lördag 3 maj 2008

Sommarmössa / Summer cap

En liten mössa klar, snabbt och elegant. Nu återstår bara att se om den passar till vår lille Alex. Den satt som gjuten på bunken jag använde som modell i alla fall :-)
Mönstret hittade jag hos Kathryn Ivy och garnet var Garngrossistens Soft 8/2.

A small cap for Alex, fast and easy done. The pattern is from Kathryn Ivy and the yarn I used was Soft cotton from Garngrossisten. Now it just remains to see if it will fit. But it was at least perfect for the bowl I used as model :-)

By the way, I have noticed on the counter that there are some returning visiters here from abroud, and I think it is so thrilling! I know Karin and Julimond, but is it anyone else? I think so, and it would be so nice to know who you are! Can't you, dear visiting stranger, leave a comment and let me know if you have a blog that I can visit? I would love to!